Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where Did You Eat Off Campus? Volume 5

This time next week (Saturday evening), the formal activities of our 35th Reunion will be history. But several of us plan to continue the festivities with a dinner after the football game at The Loveless Cafe.

Even though it is quite a hike, even by car, from the Vanderbilt campus, it remains a wonderful place to eat after all these years. There have been a couple of ownership changes since we graduated, but the latest group has managed to upgrade the facilities (there's a wonderful gift shop on site), while keeping the quaint atmosphere and the wonderful southern-style cooking of the original Loveless.

You can even get some argument about what's the best thing to order on the menu. Is it the fried chicken? How about the country ham? One thing everyone does agree on: the biscuits and preserves are to die for. (Full disclosure: the biscuits are made exclusively with Martha White Flour, which has been a client at my firm, DVL Public Relations, for many years).

So what's you favorite Loveless dish? Just click on the comments link below and leave your thoughts.

In this world, some things change and some things never do. When it comes to The Loveless Cafe, that's a good thing either way. Check it out if you have time while you are in town for Reunion. You won't be sorry to make that trip out Highway 100.

By the way, the restaurant is now right off the exit for the Natchez Trace Parkway, in case you are coming up from Mississippi or perhaps parts of West Tennessee.

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