Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And Now, Another Word From Our Sponsors

It's been a while since we've traveled back to TV Land.

So here,courtesy of the Vanderbilt News Archives, is another look at it was like to watch the commercials on the evening network newscasts back when we were on campus.

In this case, from the ABC Evening News on February 9, 1973, here are a couple of ads that should have warned us about the aches and pains of the future, and about what many of us would be driving in the future...a foreign car.


Or how about these ads from NBC Nightly News from July 28, 1969? Notice the ad for a well known pain relief product and its use of black actresses, something still very uncommon in those days. And note the laundry product being advertised, something you never see anymore on the TV newscasts these days.

So while you were at Vanderbilt, what TV shows did you watch? Did you have your own TV in your room (lucky you) or did you watch the tube with others on your floor or suite? Please share your memories by clicking on the comments link below.

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