Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Just What We Always Wanted In College

Most of us never had much money in our pockets while we were in school, so this is what we always wanted while we were at Vanderbilt!

Free food and drink, with lots of good friends to share it!

And that's exactly what's available to all of us during Reunion Weekend on Saturday morning, October 25.

Prior to the Vanderbilt-Duke football game that afternoon (2:00 PM), all members of the Class of 1973 are invited to drop by the home of our classmates (and Vanderbilt sweethearts), Wendy and Buzz Martin, who are hosting a Reunion brunch for us.

Buzz and Wendy Williamson Martin, in their earlier days together on the Vanderbilt campus

If you plan to attend (and we sure hope you do) please RSVP to Wendy Martin at (615) 298-1595 or to wendmail@comcast.net. Again, there is no charge to attend this brunch.

Our thanks to the Martins, and our other hosts for this event: our classmates Sarah Buchanan, Margie Dale, Kacky Fell, Mary Louise Linn, Paula Lovell and Beth O'Shea.

As for directions, get off I-440 and head out Hillsboro Road. When you come to the intersection of Hillsboro and Golf Club Lane, turn right and look for 2310.

Come hungry and ready to party, as we prepare to root for the Commodores to beat the Blue Devils, and lock up at least our bowl eligibility and our first non-losing season since 1982.

If that's not reason enough to party (along with being together again with so many members of our Vanderbilt class), I don't know what it is!

Now I just hope posting that old picture of Wendy and Buzz doesn't get me in trouble...:)


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