Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More From The Dead---36 Years Later

As promised in the last posting, here's a chance to actually re-live a portion of the Vanderbilt Grateful Dead concert performed 36 years ago today.

Just click on the link below and it will take you to a web site that has a recording of six songs performed in the second set of the show. The songs include:

He's Gone
Greatest//Story Ever Told
Bird Song
The Other//One
Morning Dew

Just look to your right when you get on the site and you will see the songs listed above. Click on the play button and the music should start (although it is a bit faint at first). Enjoy!


Now for those of you who want still more: How about both sight and sound from this period performance by the Grateful Dead, courtesy of YouTube, from a concert performance in Copenhagen in April of 1972, just a few month before the group came to Vanderbilt? The song is "Truckin' ".....

We'll have more later today as we continue to celebrate the 36th anniversary of the Dead at Vandy. Remember our Reunion is just 3 days away!

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