Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Concerts 1969-1973, Volume V

One of my favorite concerts while I was at Vanderbilt was when Sha-Na-Na came to Nashville to perform at Memorial Gym. I can't remember exactly when it happened, but I know it was either the late winter or early spring of our junior or senior years. If your memory is more clear that mine, please post your thoughts and memories of the concert below.

What I do remember about that night is what fun it was to watch this group perform their vintage rock and roll live and in person. Here's how they put on a show when they later performed on "The Flip Wilson Show" on network TV....

Looking back,it seems to me we did pretty well in attracting concerts to campus, and in many ways we can thank our two classmates, Steve Greil and Aubrey Hornsby. Here they looked during their salad days at Vanderbilt...

Of course, their greatest feat was attracting The Grateful Dead to come to Nashville and perform on the Vanderbilt campus in the fall of 1972. The anniversary of that concert is October 21. So next week, just prior to our 35th Reunion Weekend, we will be looking back and celebrating that occasion with special blog postings several times that day.

Your thoughts and memories of any of our Vanderbilt concerts, or for that matter, any of the concerts you enjoyed on or off campus while you attended Vanderbilt, are always welcome. Just click on the comments link below.

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