Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Concerts 19691973: Volume VI & VII


They were one of the top rock groups of the early 1970s and they came to Vanderbilt to perform at Memorial Gym while we were on campus. I went to the show, but I can't remember exactly what year or semester it was. Can you? I am pretty sure it was either sophomore or junior year, but my memory is fuzzy about that.

What I do recall is that I thought it was a great concert, and how neat it was to see, in person, a group whose songs we played all the time on WRVU.

Here, courtesy of You Tube, are a couple of their top hits, beginning with "If":

And here's "Make It With You" featuring lead singer David Gate...

Another concert I remember is when Joan Baez came to school, again to perform at Memorial Gym. I think it was during our senior year. It was another show I thoughly enjoyed.

With a look back, courtesy of YouTube, here's her big pop hit, "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down"....

And how about another one of her hit songs: "Diamonds and Rust:"