Friday, October 24, 2008

The Centennial Class Returns!

It's Reunion Weekend!

Welcome back, Class of 1973!

Sure, we are off to a soggy start, but the forecast is for better weather this afternoon with rain slowly ending, then dry conditions for our Class Party tonight and sunny skies for the Brunch and Homecoming Game Saturday afternoon.

I'm sure you recognize the two fellows in the picture above: Deans K.C. Potter and James Sandlin.

If you spent too much time with these guys while you were at Vandy, it probably wasn't a good thing (although you could often hang out with K.C. at Rotier's and have a good time).

We're going to continue to blog throughout Reunion weekend. If there's a topic or something you want to talk about or reminisce, leave a comment or find me at one of the Reunion events. We may also be adding some current photos from the Reunion festivities themselves.

But mostly we are just going to have a great time!

See you later today (Friday).

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