Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We, The Living, Still Salute "The Dead"

It was 36 years ago today, Saturday, October 21, 1972, that the legendary rock bank, The Grateful Dead, came to the Vanderbilt campus to perform a free concert on Alumni Lawn.

Here's how THE VANDERBILT HUSTLER announced the news a couple of days before the concert was held.

And here's just part of the huge crowd that showed up that day..

It would seem a good time was had by all, some maybe more than others...

So what are your memories of this day and this concert? Please leave your thoughts by clicking on the comments link below.

More coming up later...including a link that will transport you back in time to actually hear a portion of the Grateful Dead Concert as it was performed at Vanderbilt 36 years ago today.

By the way, if you can't read the HUSTLER article above, just click on it, and it should expand to a larger, more readable type size. Too bad our eyes aren't quite as good as they were 36 years ago. :)

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