Sunday, October 26, 2008

VU Class of 1973 35th Reunion--Day 2

Photo courtesy of John Russell, Vanderbilt University
Well, despite our highest hopes and expectations, the football thing didn't go very well Saturday afternoon. Dudley Field was again a dud for Homecoming.

But that didn't stop the VU Centennial Class from throughly enjoying a wonderful Day 2 of our Reunion weekend, which began with a morning brunch at the home of Wendy and Buzz Martin.

It gave everyone a chance to visit again, including seeing some folks who had not made it in Friday for the educational classes and the Class Party. For me that included Dan Brown, who when we were freshman worked together (he was the D.J, I was the newsman) on a Noon to 2 shift at WRVU Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It was the first time I had seen Dan in some years and we laughed about the time, he left the studio and came running down the stairs at Neely to the second floor landing to get a soft drink. I was there too. But Dan in his haste, let the door leading back up to the studio slam behind him (and it locked!).

Needless to say when the record Dan had on the air, ended, we were basically off the air (dead air we called it),until Mary Bristow, the station's business manager, came in about an hour later (she had a key).

All kinds of long-ago stories were being told at the brunch as folks brought photo albums, yearbooks and even our freshman annual (I think most people called it the pig book). It was fun poking through all the stuff and recognizing each other.

After that, it was on to the Homecoming tailgate and then the game.

While we were all hoping to celebrate a bowl-qualifying victory after the game, there is nothing quite like a fried chicken dinner at Loveless (including all the other trimmings, such as those wonderful biscuits, homemade preserves,country ham, mashed potatoes and green beans)to put the real comfort in comfort food.

Kacky Fell along with David and Anne Walker, enjoy good food and an evening with good friends at Loveless.

Mark Esterle re-unites with fellow Class of '73 members Charlie Burnett and Susan Fritts Burnett at dinner at Loveless

Ellen Brooks, Tina Fast & Linda Henderson at Loveless.

Randy and Carol Lang Matz

John Holland and his wife Lori

The Loveless dinner was not an "official" Reunion event. Neither was the brunch at Kacky Fell's held Sunday morning before everyone went their separate ways until we meet again for our 40th Class Reunion in 2013 (although hopefully I will see most of these folks long before that).

This 35th Reunion was a lot of fun for me, especially doing this blog. But, it's not the parties, the brunches, the educational sessions, or the football game (of course), that make it all so memorable. It's seeing and being with all the folks above and all the other former classmates I visited with this past weekend, which makes this such a special event.

And so our Reunion is history. I may well be posting a few more things in the next few days. There ar stories and items I didn't get to in the months and weeks leading up to our event.

I hope you'll check back. But if not, it's really been a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much I did producing it!

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Scott Morrell said...

Thanks, Pat, for doing the blog, and to all the reunion committee for all their hard work. I had a great time and am glad I came, even though I haven't kept in touch with anyone over the years. I can't wait for the next reunion!