Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why The Judge "Orders" You To Come To Reunion

Nsshville Judge and Federal Magistrate Cliff Knowles (seen on the left above) is one of many successful members of our VU Centennial Class of 1973 (probably despite this photo).

He's coming to our 40th Reunion and he "ordering" all of us to join him as well, especially if you worked at WRVU back in the day (including after it went FM in December 1971). 580 AM, then 91 Rock!

WRVU alums:

When I was a DJ at WRVU my freshman year (on-air name "Johnny Day") I played lots of oldies but goodies. A big Number 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the fall of 1969 was "Na Na Na, Hey Hey." As difficult as it is to believe, that was 44 years ago. Now, we are the oldies but goodies.

Do you recall that WRVU was at 580 on your AM dial? That we had a cool tape which crooned "Channel 58, Nashville"? That, somehow, WRVU was "broadcast" to the campus through the telephone lines? That the studio was on the second floor of Neely Auditorium? What else do you (or can you) remember?

Well, in the immortal words of another oldie but goodie, Bruce Springsteen, "It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive." So, LETS PARTY--while we still can.

The class of 1973, a/k/a The Centennial Class of Vanderbilt, is having its 40th Reunion the weekend of October 3-5, 2013, a mere four months from now. You can see the new and improved Vanderbilt Commodores take on SEC rivals the Mizzou Tigers. Don't forget that the "old" Commodores beat Alabama, ranked No. 13 in the country, in the fall of 1969. There will also be a class party with lots of music from our era.

Please join me and (hopefully) lots of alums of the "Mighty WERV" for drinks and rememberances. Register today at reunion.vanderbilt.edu/1973. I hope to see you in October.

Cliff Knowles

A '73

And for good measure, here's that blast from the past: The last Number #1 hit of 1969 on the BILLBOARD Chart (two weeks in December): "Hey, Na, Na: Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam.....


Who knew back in our time you'd hear this song sung by the crowd at every baseball and basketball game now when a opposing pitcher get knocked out of the contest or someone on the opposing team fouls out. Clearly, our Class as always was ahead of its time!


Unknown said...

7am was always problematical with some of our jocks (you paying attention Michael St. John?)

Good thing the News Council was there to make sure the show would go on.

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