Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Was I Thinking??#!#!

It wasn't just Cliff Knowles who's still living down a photo from over 40 years ago. I obviously learned a lot from my time at WRVU, things that have helped me a lot in my work in the media and public relations since leaving Vanderbilt.

But why in the world was I wearing this pair of headphones, especially since one side is obviously broken and is dangling around my ear with the wrong side pointed out? It was probably because the other side of headphones was working and the station didn't have another pair to use during the broadcast.

But, hey, check out that polyester shirt and that dark wavy hair! Ugh!


Step said...

Hey, Polyester is the new cotton.

No doubt that was the only set of head phones that did work in the prod room.

Notice too, the picture is reversed. You part your hair on the other side. I noticed that when it was published in the Commodore our Junior year (I think). I lost all my annuals to water damage years ago, so I'm going on my photographic memory here. Problem is I've been out of film for years, and I probably have the negative flipped like Clark Thomas did.

I liked the old WPLN photo too.

Just a thought: If the Sounds do move into a park at the old Sulfur Dell, will they have a throw back game when they import those SMELLS?

The team could wear SMELLS jerseys for that day.

Extra note: The main difference between the Sulfur Dell and the field set up in my backyard was they didn't use trees for bases. We had the slope in right field and a short porch in left where a fence ran along the property line. And it smelled better.


Pat said...

You are right about the photo being reversed, Step.

Those smells are one good reason not to duplicate everything about the old Dell. The dump and outfield dimensions also would need to be modified.