Monday, August 12, 2013

A Rich Mix

Here's another artist whose work is being suggested for inclusion in our 40th Class Reunion CD. I don't remember us playing much of Dan Fogelberg on WRVU while we were in school. But that was our programming oversight.

Like all of us, Fogelberg, a very gifted singer/songwriter/composer and multi-instrumentalist, was just starting his career here in Nashville when he made his first album "Home Free" in 1972. It didn't do all that much on the charts (although now it's a platinum seller in terms of albums). It was his second LP release "Souvenirs" that started a series of gold and multi-platinum recordings that made him a star until he died from cancer in December, 2007 at the age of just 56.

From his breakout album, here's "Part of the Plan" which our Reunion Chair, Steven Greil says is his favorite Fogelberg song. Enjoy, it's courtesy of You Tube from a live performance in  1982.....

There are two reasons I think including Dan Fogelberg in our CD is such a great idea. First, he's a contemporary (born in 1951) who made his rise to fame after coming to Nashville. Second, his music, as described in Wikipedia, mirrors the rich mix of musical genres that we enjoyed during our years together at Vanderbilt. That's a little bit of everything from "folk, pop, rock, jazz, classical and bluegrass."

You know like going to THE GOOD WOMAN in between the Towers back in the day. Who can identify these folks?.....

Thanks for the photo and the CD reccomendation, Steven. If you've got an idea or a photo to share here on the blog, please e-mail it to me. Thanks!

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Step said...

Fogelberg was indeed a terrific songwriter and singer, but he really didn't hit the main stream until early 75 with "Longer." I actually have that on an 8 track tape!

Pat, what about the last of the anti-war songs like "One Tin Soldier" and "Eve of Destruction" we actually used to get requests for those.

Our time was the time of the great 8 minute bathroom songs like Ina Coda Da Vita, MacArthur Park, and American Pie. Not to mention anything by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer or Stephanwolf.

Is it your intention to be Vandy's answer to T. J. Lubinsky? Maybe we can just have a pledge drive over WRVU's website.

A reunion cup? They have got to be kidding.