Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We all know the importance to our VU Centennial Class of Saturday, October 21, 1972. The Grateful Dead gave a much-remembered and historic concert on campus.

But that day is also remembered for what's shown in the photo above.....the Mickey Mouse-looking figure someone put on the clock face of Kirkland Hall. Forty-plus years later, it's still such a cool prank.

It's also remains a complete mystery. No one has ever stepped forward to claim credit or responsibility or even blame for what happened.  No one seems to know the back story of how it all came about or what it was supposed to mean (that is, if it was supposed to mean anything).

So, as I did five years ago on this blog (with no takers),  here's your chance again.

If you know what happened and/or who did it and maybe even why, I am offering this blog for you to tell your story on your terms. You can give as few names and details as you want (as long as the story makes some kind of sense). Just e-mail to me, leave it in the comments section below (where you can be anonymous) or post it on the Class Facebook page.

I am sure the University no longer cares. Deans Potter and Sandlin (above) have long since retired. There are no statute of limitations to worry about. You won't lose your diploma (if you can still find yours). And I think even Jack Nicholson would agree, WE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH on this.

Just tell the we can all die in peace, knowing how the greatest prank in Vanderbilt history was done, what it was supposed to mean and who was behind it.

Hell, just make up a good story at this point! We have no way to really check it out this many years later!

So if your memories of that weekend are clear (and the photos above may show some good reasons why they are not) send in your story. Please. You can even tell it at the Class Party if you want.


Unknown said...

I always thought Sandlin and Potter did it

Anonymous said...

The answer my friend is blowin in the wind, the answer is coming very soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to DeWitt Gayle for bringing this to my attention. I have spoken at length with one of the "responsible" parties, and have some information to share. Details are still surfacing as we reach out to folks who knew us back then.
Go here

for The truth about the Mickey Mouse/Kirkland Hall caper, 1972, as we remember it.

I've searched online, and cannot find a Mickey Mouse/Clock Tower prank that predates Vanderbilt. Was this the first??
Kit Travis Muehlman