Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Bottom Line

As the Class of 2017 moves on campus, it's time to review the bottom line.(above)...what it cost to go the school at Vanderbilt when we started in the Fall of 1969.

Believe or not, how about only $1,860 for tuition! How about $1,010 to $1,180 for room and board? And if you were a Greek, I think you could still pledge in the fall back then. It added an average of $125 to $300 per year back then says the official information (above) given out by the University.

Stop laughing (or crying) if you still have a child or two in college today! Sure you can't pay for doggie day care these days at those prices. But, as I recall there were editorials and letters to the editor in THE HUSTLER when we graduated, predicting that the upcoming tuition increase for the Fall of 1973 (I think going from $2,600 to $2,800) was going to be the ruination of the school and price students out of going to Vanderbilt.

Well, no,  obviously it didn't. although the prices today might take your breath away:

Lots of things change over the years and that includes the cost of living and everything else since 1969, 44 year ago.. But I'd also add...looking back, we sure got a bargain for the cost of our education at Vanderbilt back in the day.

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