Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks

It's a group that never enjoyed the commercial success that should have followed the critical raves it received.

But looking back, having Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks on campus in February, 1973 (senior year) was a pretty big lick given that the group had just been on national network TV (at a time when there were only three networks to watch each night).

And here is that performance on The Flip Wilson Show on September 29,1972.....

Having watched several of their videos on You Tube, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks was the kind of band with a sound that had people literally dancing in the aisles. And while I was not present for the Vandy concert (my loss), with the performance being in Neely Auditorium I can see people doing exactly that... dancing in the aisles and even in the pews there.

So did you attend this concert and what do you remember? Please leave your memories below or on our Class Facebook page.

More Vandy concert memories to come. Your suggestions and memories are welcome.


Unknown said...


I didn't go to the concert, but I did watch them blocking out things in rehearsal from the balcony that day. It looked like it was going to be fun.

Whenever things were held in Neely like that. Gabe and Rembert's classic movie theater nights comes to mind...we'd have to leave the names of the jocks who were authorized to be on the air at the ticket office, so they could come and go on their shifts.

I watched the next you-tube cut of Flip Wilson and Redd Foxx doing a skit of Rev. Leroy and Church of What's Happening Now. I thought I was going to die, I laughed so hard. AND I actually remember watching that particular skit when it aired. It's funnier now since I've been in so many black churches and realize how much Flip really nailed the persona.

Side note: Are there any Peabody specific memories being celebrated at reunion. Everything I've been reading has centered on the Vandy side of things, but Peabody and even Scarritt had a unique history all their own during our 4 years.

With your Peabody connections, maybe we can find some stories.

I know those interviews I did with those state department guys in 1973 were over at Peabody.

Just a morsel for you to explore.


Pat said...

Good suggestion. I have one Peabody story concerning the draft I can relate. Thanks!


Jim G 73 said...

I did attend the concert with a number of my Phi Kap brothers. It's nice to know the date was Feb 9 as I couldn't remember if it was fall or winter. I do recall it was quite cold. Also nice to know there were two shows though can't recall which one we attended. Neely was almost full and the crowd, in good 73 fashion, had no doubt burned a few blunts before arriving. I know we had. I think Dan and the crew had been too. They played selections from Striking It Rich and Last Train to Hicksville and the backup singers, Naomi Eisenberg and Maryann Price were looking good. I still have my copies of Striking it Rich (album looked like a matchbook) and Last Train. My fav memory of the concert happened when, between songs, someone in the first row said something to Dan. All we could hear was Dan saying "What? What?" a couple of times then he looked at the person, simply said "F*ck you" and broke into the next song. Classic!

Jim G 73