Thursday, August 15, 2013

Do You Remember Your First Day on Campus?

Saturday is move-in day for Vanderbilt students for the fall term including the Class of 2017.

Do you remember when you first moved in? What stories do you remember from that day or your first week at Vanderbilt? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section or on the Class Facebook page.

Who was your roomate freshman year? Did you know each other before you came to campus? Who was your Vuceptor, the upper classman that greeted you and took you (and others in a small group) out to dinner that first night? Where did you go? Were you already a little homesick or you couldn't wait for Mom and Dad to leave so you could start your college experience on your own?

Of course, we weren't fortunate enough to all live together in one dorm complex such as the Commons over at Peabody where all the freshmen now stay their first year. It seems Branscomb was pretty nice for the freshman women in our day. Kissan Quad for the guys (maybe not so much).

By the way, if you haven't been on campus in a while, Kissam is gone and is being replaced by the new College Halls complex, living quarters equal in being as nice (if not nicer) than what the freshman have in the Commons.

Here's something else we didn't get to do when we were Vanderbilt freshmen....have a collective photo taken of all the class right after we moved in. The one above is of the seniors who graduated last May. It was taken in 2009.

Pretty cool, huh? Maybe we can find a way to take a collective photo of our own at our class party at the newly renovated Rand Hall on Friday, October 3? Forty -four years late, but in terms of seeing all my friends of the Centennial Class of 1973 one more time, way better late, than never.


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Let's do the photo!

The most important book I purchased was the Freshman Annual - probably read that one more thoroughly than any assigned English Lit text - much, much more relevant than Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse:)

Beth O'Shea

Pat said...

I never got one, Beth. But I seem to recall it had a rather unattractive name with some: the "Pig Book"?