Monday, August 19, 2013


None of us had very much of it back when we were in school, but we must have liked listening to BREAD and buying its records.  The California "soft rock" band, dominated the Billboard charts from 1970 until 1972.

The group scored five Top Ten songs  in the space of two years, beginning with "Make It With You" in June, 1970 followed  by "It Don't Matter To Me" (September, 1970), "If" (March, 1971), "Baby, I'm A Want You" (October, 1971)and "Everything I Own" (June, 1972).  There were later big hits as well such as "Guitar Man" (1972) and "Sweet Surrender" (1972), both of which hit #1 on the Easy Listening Charts.

BREAD did a concert at Vanderbilt while we were there, meaning they came to campus while they were one of the top-selling groups in the nation. I think they played in Memorial Gym but I don't remember if it was our junior or senior year. What do you remember? In particular, Steven Griel, what's the back story on their visit to Vanderbilt?

It seems to me this is a rock group from our era that has faded in memory as time goes by. But their "Best Of" album from 1973 has done well, garnering a 5X Platinum status. To stir up the memories, here's their first hit (it went all the way to #1) " Make It With You"........

By the way, did you check out the fashion in the video, the various clothes the band members are wearing in the photos? Just saying, since the suggsted attire for our 40th Reunion Class Party on Friday, October 3 (register today) is "Back to the '70s." I will be making more fashion suggestions in upcoming postings, because, if you are like me and sometimes can't remember what you had for breakfast today, you may not remember early 1970s clothing attire either (or maybe when you see some of it again you won't feel like remenbering it).

In future posts I will also be featuring other groups who came and gave concerts while we were at Vanderbilt. I have several in mind, but my memories are not always clear or complete. So I am open to suggestions of any bands or groups you remember playing on campus or in Nashville back in the day.  Just leave your thoughts below or on the Class Facebook page.

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