Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Forty Years Later...Some Things Change...Some Don't

As we all prepare to return to campus for our 40th Class Reunion in a little over seven weeks (register today!), it's interesting to take a quck look back at what's changed and what's still about the same four decades later. How about places to eat?

 These are long gone.....

The Burger Whop across from the Towers

Tex Critters across from the also now defunct Kissam Quadrangle.

But don't despair, several of our culinary favorites remain.....

And while it's not a place to eat, believe it or not, despite all the University expansion and growth over the last 40 years, this barber shop on the ground floor of the old Oxford House apartments is still there too (in case you guys need a shave or your ears lowered when you get to town).

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