Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Way Back Machine

Today we introduce the "way back" machine to our Class Blog. Several Reunion cycles ago, I worked with the Alumni Office to access the Vanderbilt Television News Archives, a one-of-a- kind collection of all the network TV newscasts that have aired since the summer of 1968.

I put together a compilation of key news stories beginning in the summer of 1969  (Woodstock, Huriicane Camille) and running throughout our four years together (the Moratorium, the first Earth Day, 1972 election, Watergate, the end of The War) right up until the day we graduated (May 25, 1973 and the Skylab rescue mission).

It also includes one of Vanderbilt's most historic days during our time on campus. It's October 14, 1971 and Vanderbilt professor Dr. Earl Sutherland wins the Nobel Prize.

Here's how NBC Nightly News (Huntley-Brinkley) covered the story.....


In our way back machine we'll also take a look at the TV commercials of our day as well as some stories that became more important to us over the years. That includes the beginning of airline secuirty checks and the children's educational program Seasame Street (first for our children, now for our grand kids).

I hope to get the entire compilation dubbed over to CD (it was first done on VHS) so we can show it as a background mood piece during our Friday night Class Party at Rand Hall.

Stay tuned!

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