Sunday, September 29, 2013

So What Do I Wear To The Class Party Friday Night?

Our attire is casual when gather for our 40th Class Reunion Party Friday night at the newly remodeled Rand Hall (so you don't get lost, we are in the area of the old bookstore). And you can come '70s style if you'd like (pre-disco, please).

This photo above will give you some idea of what folks wore to the Theta Barn Dance Party in 1970 (couresty of Beth O'Shea). But do you remember the fashions of our day when we were at Vanderbilt? Here's brief look back.

 Actually, as you can see from the photos, there was lots of choice. Look at the picture below with everything from mini to midi to maxi skirts and dresses for women, and even pant suits came into fashion (to stay) for the first time.

When we were in high school, the mini skirt was the rage for young women. The emergence of the maxi and midi, in particular the midi, created quite a stir, even a bit of a backlash....

And of course, the battle of the hemlines brought this style ((hot pants) to the forefront for a while too. I don't expect to see anyone in an outfit like this Friday night.....

Again, the key word in women's fashion while we were in school was choice. Here are some more popular styles of the day. For example, there were hippie clothes, tie dye, and unisex clothes which came over from the '60s. As well as the wrap dress style that emerged to make headlines in the 1970s.....


And there was footwear. Platform shoes were big for both men and women. And remember we used to walk in these things?

For guys, we're not looking to see you in a coat and tie Friday night. But here's what those items looked like when we wore them out on dates back then. And here's the other hot fashion for men in the early '70s: flared or bellbottom pants. Got any of these still left in your closet 40 years later?

So you have quite the variety to choose from if you want to come to the Class Party '70s style. Or just make up your own fashion of the evening. That's so very '70s. And don't forget Vanderbilt attire is always in fashion for us!

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Paula Lovell said...

Scary attire. But it makes for nice Halloween costumes. We can kill two birds with one stone.