Wednesday, September 18, 2013

If You're Coming To Reunion, Come Hungry!

For our 40th Reunion Class Party to be held Friday evening, October 4 at the newly remodeled Rand Hall on campus, Vanderbilt Catering will be serving a buffet of nostaligic foods from Nashville restaurants of our time together four decades ago. And it's doesn't get any more nostalgic or any better than what you see above!

Mini Cheeseburgers on French Bread

From back in the day until right now, Rotier's on Elliston Place was and still is where you go to get this special delicacy (long considered the best cheeseburger in town). But for one night only, a mini version will available at our Centennial Class Party on October 4th. So if need a final nudge or one last good (and delicious) reason to join us, here it is!

Rotier's and a Mini-Cheeseburger on French bread are calling your name. Jimmy Buffett you know can't be wrong, cheeseburgers are paradise!

We'll be  unveiling more of our Class Party menu featuring a buffet of nostaligic foods in the days and posts to come.  Stay hungry (and thirsty), my friends.

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P.s. you will want to toss you "Livit" for our Friday party.

Beth O'Shea