Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sesame Street

When we were at Vanderbilt, we were all much more concerned about that next big test we had coming up and/or if we had (or wanted) a date for the weekend. Children and  children's television shows were far from our minds.

Of course that would change after we graduated, got married and had kids (and now for some us grandchildren). It's hard to believe but one of the staples of TV for children, Seasame Street, got started in 1969, the same year we did at VU.

The show was and has been an instant hit with children for now over 44 years (now into its third generation) both on the TV screen and with the traveling shows that go all across the country.

Getting into our "way back" machine, here's a CBS EVENING NEWS report with Roger Mudd and Hughes Rudd that focuses on Sesame Street as it begins its second season in the fall of 1970. It's a show that was already not only making a difference in children's lives but also in breaking down racial barriers.....


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