Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Fearless Leaders

Our 40th Reunion efforts have been blessed by the great leadership provided by Steven Greil. Just as he worked so hard as a student to bring so many great musical groups to campus (maybe a better job than anyone at Vanderbilt before or since), Steven is now leading a tremendous group of class volunteers. Together, they are putting together a terrific weekend of activities (October 3-5) for those classmates who are returning to VU (and we hope you are, so register now!)

But what you would think about Steven just looking at his Vanderbilt student ID back in the day? He seems to be the kind of guy who's kept everything over the years (I thought I was a pack rat, but he puts me to shame).

How about this ID from our senior year......

Or this ID from the year before (as a junior)?

So what say you, ladies? Facial hair for Steven or no? Anyway, nice signature on both IDs, Steven. You must have had some penmanship classes growing up.

Our Centennial Class is actually running the entire Vanderbilt Reunion effort this year. Noted Nashville banking executive John Stern is the Chairman and it looks to me like the University is on its way to having the best year ever in terms of returning alums and raising funds (that is an important part of this along with getting more graduates involved with their alma mater).
But would have seen all this coming just looking at John's COMMODORE class picture our senior year back in 1973?
 Wow, John! Nice locks! So what's happened to John's Vanderbilt Student IDs? He said in an e-mail, they'd all been taken (confiscated) by Dean K. C. Potter over the years, Really? Oh do tell us more, John!

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