Friday, September 20, 2013

But What About Steamed In Beer?

The legendary Lum's Restaurant, just off campus along Broad near the V.U. Law School, inspires the latest menu item for our 40th Reunion Class Party. Our shindig is set  to be held at the newly renovated Rand Hall on Friday evening, October 4th. You won't recognize the old V.U. Bookstore where we will be partying!

Courtesy of Vanderbilt Catering, we'll have mini Hot Dogs and Buns with Sauerkraut (so obviously the photo above is not quite to scale). There's one other preparation item possibly missing too. As the Lum's sign says above, their hot dogs were "steamed in beer."

To be helpful, here's a link I found on line where you (and Vanderbilt Catering if they are interested) can find the receipe Lum's reportedly used to produce its delicacy on a bun back in the day....

But maybe you'll just need your own beer to wash down your mini-hot dog (unfortunately, Lum's mugs are not likely to be available either at the Party).....

So what's happened to Lum's? The location near Vanderbilt was closed and torn down years ago. According to Wikipedia (not always the best source), the only remaining location is in Bellevue, Nebraska, south of Omaha (so maybe we can all go and eat there the next time Vanderbilt makes the College World Series!). Wikipedia also says a Lum's opened in Seekonk, MA in 2010.

One question, who remembers that special waitress everyone loved at our Vandy Lum's? I can't remember her name? If you do and have any stories to relate (I'm talking to you, Steve Womack), share it with a comment below or on the Class of 1973 Reunion Facebook page.

More Class Party menu items to share are coming up along with some even more exciting news about what beloved members of the Vanderbilt community from our time together will also be coming to the Party!


L.T. said...

If I remember correctly!! --- Drinking age was lowered to 18 while studying for finals in the spring of 1971. Had my first legal beer at Lum's.

Unknown said...

Lums hot dogs were expensive seems like they were 55 cents, so having a special relationship with the waitresses was essential. Joey Gaudin was Vandy's first Black Homecoming Queen. Our good friend, Sally Evans was a Lums Waitress. But my personal favorite was "Miss Kitty" Sutherland who was a free spirit in an age of Free Spirits who caused me to be late to Chem Lab more than once.

Save a dog and a cheeseburger for me, and I'll see you Saturday.