Thursday, September 12, 2013

A 40-Year Plus Mystery Is Finally Resolved!

The worn out engines and clock hands on the Kirkland Hall Tower are still under repair these days. But as the VU Class of 1973 (The Centennial Class) prepares to come back to campus three weeks from now (October 4-5) to celebrate its 40th Reunion, a long standing mystery about the clock, Mickey Mouse and the Grateful Dead concert at Vanderbilt in October, 1972 seems to have been finally resolved. And at least one of the clues as to who masterminded it all has been lying in plain sight in the 1973 COMMODORE YEARBOOK for four decades. Read on, it's really an incredible story, worthy of a four decade wait!

But inquiring minds want to know, will the one remaining unidentified clock climber now emerge to join the others to claim his/her (?) long-overdue credit and acclaim? I'm sure the statute of limitations has long since expired on any potential charges. And did those daring folks have the audacity to take photos of themselves in the act? Based on how it appears the caper unfolded (or almost didn't), that seems unlikely.

But if provided, we'll post any in-action photos if they do exist, as well as photos of any surviving artifacts of the quest. Better yet, bring them to Reunion and the Class Party at the newly renovated Rand Hall on Friday evening, October 4.

Forty years later, my congratulations to those involved! Well done, folks! Well done, indeed!

Mystery solved!

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