Saturday, September 21, 2013

Look Who's Coming To Reunion?

They are two of the most beloved and iconic administrators in Vanderbilt history.

Both retired Student Life Deans K.C. Potter (left above) and James Sandlin (on the right) are coming by our 40th Class Reunion Party at the newly redone Rand Hall on Friday evening, October 4th. It's all due to the determined outreach work and an invitation from Reunion Chair Steven Greil that made it come together.

Now both Deans been invited to other Reunion Class parties too, so come early or stay late so you don't miss them. Just think: The chance to have "a long conservation" with these guys that you can actually look forward to and not worry about the possible consequences.

The "American Gothic" Vanderbilt-style photo of the two Deans above comes from our 1973 COMMODORE YEARBOOK. That means it was likely taken by editor Clark Thomas, who's also coming to the party. I have a suggestion: Let's find some appropriate farm instruments and retake this picture over 40 years later, maybe with all the Class of 1973 Class members attending in the background. Clark and Deans Potter and Sandlin can also tell us the backstory behind the original photo.

Let me take a minute to thank Clark Thomas. His photography from long ago for THE 1973 COMMODORE (the best Vanderbilt Yearbook ever) has provided me with so many great photos for this Class Blog. I don't credit him often enough for making this possible.

Thanks, Clark! You're a good egg (if you'll pardon the pun). Clark's still a great photographer which you'll see at the Class Party, especially as you watch the slide show he's put together for the evening! He'll be taking some new photos during the evening as well.

Also don't forget we will showing throughout the night the game footage of one of Vanderbilt's greatest college football upsets. It's the 14-10 victory the Dores scored over the Alabama Crimson Tide and its legendary Coach Paul "Bear" Byrant. It occurred our very first home game as freshmen in the fall of 1969.

What a way to start our college careers! And what great memories to share watching that game again, and perhaps for many of us, seeing it  for the first time since the night it was played over 44 years ago.

Don't worry. Despite the fact that modern day football games can take up to four hours to play, the DVD of this game, which contains every play and highlight, is only a half hour long and we will be replaying it throughout the evening so you watch whenever you want.


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