Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Nashville Connection

It seems there's always a Nashville connection....even between our class and rock icon Bob Dylan.

Both of us came to Nashville in 1969 looking for something good to happen. For us it was a 40-year plus relationship making life-long friends and connecting with a University where we come to celebrate again this October 3-5 (hope you are registered to join us that weekend).

For Bob Dylan, it was the creation of one his most critically acclaimed albums, "Nashville Skyline" and one of his top pop hits "Lay, Lady, Lay." It's a song that reached as high as #7 on the Billboard rankings that year. It was also a piece of music that was reportedly supposed to be a part of the soundtrack of the MIDNIGHT COWBOY movie, but it wasn't done soon enough to be included.

But here it is for your listening enjoyment.....


Here's one other story about the song that's pretty incredible if it's true. According to Wikipedia, the legendary Johnny Cash says he first heard "Lay, Lady, Lay" when Dylan played it for him at his Hendersonville home in 1969. There were other songwriters there who played 'unknown" tunes that night. What songs? How about "A Boy Named Sue" (Shel Silverstein), "Both Sides Now" (Joni Mitchell), "Marrakesh Express" (Graham Nash) and "Me And Bobby McGee'"(Kris Kristofferson).

Again, if it's true, all you can say is....only in Nashville.

And it's been going on like this now here in Music City for well over 40 years. It's something special...just like our Class!

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