Monday, July 29, 2013


It was certainly the most popular album released during the four years we were in school at Vanderbilt.

Carole King's "Tapestry" launched a solo artist career that matched the great celebrity she already had as a songwriter or co-writer of more than 118 pop hits from 1955 until 1999.

"Tapestry" itself was a true wonder on the charts. It was #1 for 15 weeks after its release in 1971 (a mark that stood for over 20 years). It then remained on the best-selling list for more than 6 YEARS with total sales of more than 25 million copies!

As a member of both the Songwriters and Rock & Roll Halls of Fame, she is considered by many as the most successful female songwriter of the rock era. "Tapestry" itself won 4 Grammy Awards including Best Album, Song of the Year ("You've Got A Friend") and her Number #1 singles hit ("It's Too Late").....

At the risk of repeating myself, seeing Carole King and James Taylor together in concert at the Bridgestone Arena in May, 2010, shortly after the Nashville Floods was one of the greatest musical nights of my life! Amen

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