Monday, July 1, 2013

Another First for the VU Centennial Class

When you graduated four decades ago, there's not much new you can say you can do that no other class in Vanderbilt University history has ever done.

But this year, for our 40th Reunion Party on Friday, October 4, we'll get the chance to beat that drum.

The VU Centennial Class (the Classs of 1973) will be the first in Vanderbilt history to hold its Reunion at Rand Hall!

Now as Class Reunion Chairman Steven Griel says: "This is not your mother's Rand Hall."

Sure, the outside (above) may look familar from those warm fall and spring days when we used Rand Terrace like it was part of our student center (It was our student center...The Madison Sarratt Center did open until the fall AFTER we graduated).

With the VU Bookstore (above) now moved to West End Avenue, the remaining space in old Rand has been completely renovated to create the new Rand Lounge. It provides flexible seating and event (party!)space for up to 300 people. 

That will give us the chance to have a large space already beautifully decorated for the evening. To that we can add mood lighting; air conditioning (you'll remember it can be quite hot and humid in Nashville in early October); a DJ playing hits of the early '70s; and lots to eat (VU Catering will be dishing up a cocktail buffett featuring  some of our favorite items from those legendaryVandy area restaurants of the day).

It's everything we need to "party like a rock star" while we are still young enough to do it!

So follow the link below to learn more and let us know you plan to attend....

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