Friday, July 26, 2013

The Mic Turns 70

Mic Jagger of The Rolling Stones turns 70 today (Friday, July 26)...and he and the group are still going strong with over 50 years plus in show business and still out touring on the road.

While it may be hard to believe based on our time on campus, Jagger and the Stones actually played at Vanderbilt Stadium a few years ago (October 26, 1997). I couldn't find any video from the show, but here's a link to the musical rundown for the performance and some reviews. By the way, the warmup act that evening was Sheryl Crow, who is now a resident of Music City.....

There are so many Rolling Stones hits over the years to salute Mic Jagger on his milestone birthday, it's hard to pick out just one. But it seems pretty clear one of the group's earliest smash recordings, as a part of the English Invasion back in the mid-1960s (while were in early school), has stood the test of time as the Stone's signature song: "Satisfaction." It was also the first song the Stones played to begin their concert at Vandy, so let's feature that one......

Happy Birthday, Mic!

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Anonymous said...

We keep getting richer
but we can't get our picture
on the cover of the Rolling Stone - was that Louden Wainwright, III?

But Mic can

We were there and have the T-shirt from the 1997 concert.

Beth O'Shea