Monday, September 15, 2008

So You Think You Know Vandy 1969-1973?

Welcome to your Vanderbilt Class of '73 Reunion blog!

This is your place to get "in the mood" to come back for our 35th Reunion October 24-25 as the VU Centennial Class returns to campus once more.

You can get ready for Reunion by coming here to interact with your Vandy classmates and think back on the days we were all together on West End here in Nashville.

There are almost 40 blog postings already on this site (which started up back in February). Hopefully they'll help you remember those special times in the late 1960s and early '70s.

And we plan a new posting here at least once a day, everyday, from now all the way to Reunion weekend itself. So come back often.

But whether this is your first visit or you've already been here several times, how about a chance to win some prizes from the Vanderbilt Reunion Office? (and when's the last time you got anything free from the University?) :)

All you have to do is be one of the first three class members to correctly answer the Vandy trivia questions below. Please submit your answers by hitting the comments link at the end of this post (and leave us some contact information like your name and e-mail address, so we can get back in touch if you are a winner).

Here's the quiz (It's an open book test but Honor Code still applies) :)

1.What Vanderbilt assistant football coach has gone on to coach and win in the Super Bowl?

A. Bobby Proctor
B. Alexander Heard
C. Watson Brown
D. Bill Parcells

2. The first co-ed dorm at Vanderbilt was?

A. Stapleton Hall
B. Landon House
C. McGill Hall
D. Oxford House

3. If you had long hair you could not eat at what area restaurant?

A. Loveless
B. Rotier's
C. Tex Ritter's
D. Pancake Pantry

4. Which of the following rock groups were the featured performers at Homecoming our freshman year?

A. The Grateful Dead
B. Sha-Na-Na
C. The Association
D. Bread

I believe many of you have seen most, if not all, of these questions before. In fact, we asked them 20 years ago when we were preparing for our 15th Reunion in 1988.

We sent out a special Blue Book mailing with the questions. The answers were contained in a special HUSTLER we sent out later.

So rummage through your memories and maybe your attic to find the correct answers. Then submit them below and you could be a winner!

Then remember to come back here often as we all get ready for Reunion '08!


Steve said...


Answering this question is like participating in a cheerleader led cheer, its s-o-o-o establishment.

Anyway, even though I think it's a trap:

1. Bill (The Big Tuna) Parcells

2. Oxford House (since they also had real apartments rented to regular Nashville people)

3. The Pancake Pantry, he wasn't a big fan of blue jeans either.

4. The Association (but I have better memories of the Sha Na Na Concert you and Jack Walton drug me to, so I couldn't study for my Physics the grace of God I mad a "C" and got to hear Captain Crotch and the Armpits as the warm up act).

If I wind up on some screwy committee because of this, you are a dead man.

Steve Womack

Pat said...


You (and I) are safe.

No committee assignments for you, I promise.

And, therefore, I get to keep living (at least for another day).

Also nice job on the quiz, but you missed one. More on that after the other responses come in (hopefully) and we can award the prizes and release the answers.

Thanks for playing....Pat

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have gone to that Bread concert then.

I do believe that we need to have a separate test for those of us who didn't read the book. Using information that was sent out in any version of The Hustler, much less 20 years ago, points out the absolute news bias on the Vanderbilt Campus.

That's like Chancellor Heard not even listening to a cassette tape for Don House and the Geier Award, in the medium Rick Geier himself practiced.

The answers needed to be in your blog notes! That way deserving friends (like me) could win instead of the freaks like you who actually kept all your blue books.

You've seen one blue book with a C+, you've seen them all. And Lord knows I had my share of C+s.

Steve Womack

Steve said...

Okay Pat,

Actually the first coed dorms were the married student apartments, but I guess they weren't really dorms, but I digress.

1. Bill Parcells
2. Landon
3. Pancake Pantry
4. The Association

Steve Womack