Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Concerts 1969-1973

Along with promoting the "History of Motown" presentation by Vice Chancellor David Williams as a part of our upcoming (October 24-25) 35th Centennial Class Reunion weekend, I thought another way to get everyone in the mood for our big get-together was to look back at the many special groups we had come to campus to entertain us over our four years at Vanderbilt.

And since Reunion weekend is now also Homecoming, what better place to start our look back than with our first Vanderbilt Homecoming as students in the fall of 1969.

Our Homecoming concert was given by one of the most popular bands around at that time, The Association.

Here they are in a live concert presentation I found on YouTube performing one of their biggest hits, "Cherish".....

I found the shots of the crowd to be particularly fun to watch.
Don't you just love the fashions back in those days and how young everyone looks? And what about the the folks using that reel-to-reel tape recorder or the tiny flash camera at the end?

Hearing "Cherish" also brought back memories of one of Nashville's top disc jockeys at the time, Scott Shannon of WMAK (1300 AM),who closed out his broadcast every night with that song.

Good times, man, good times. What are your memories of The Association concert? Did you have a date or just go with a group of friends? Please leave your thoughts and memories below?

I have a list of other concerts we enjoyed while at Vanderbilt, so I plan to continue our musical tour down memory lane with still more postings like this between now and Reunion.

If you want to be sure to see and hear a certain group(my concert list is probably not complete), drop me a note at the end of this posting to let me know. That includes mentioning any particular song you'd like to see featured in the posting. I will look it up and if I can find it on YouTube or someplace else, I will add it to this blog.

Man, this makes me feel a little like the old days working as a DJ at WRVU, taking telephone requests and dedications from listeners. :)

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Steve said...


I remember you taking news story requests too. If you didn't like it, we'd make it up, oh wait that was Zonker in Doonesbury.

I got my gift from the reunion office today. A very nice coffee themos with a leather holder with the Vanderbilt logo.

Not a bad return for four years undergrad and three years graduate school. What I really want is tickets to Vanderbilt playing for the SEC championship in football!

Steve Womack