Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting Ready For Reunion & For Motown

Don't forget one of the can't miss parts of our 35th Reunion Weekend is our class-sponsored educational event "The History of Motown" by Vice Chancellor David Willams Friday afternoon, October 24,at 4:00 PM in the Board of Trust Room in the new Student Life Center right across from Memorial Gym.

Over the next few weeks, we will be reminding you again and posting some great Motown videos to refresh your memories of that music and get you in the mood for Reunion weekend.Like this great oldie, My Girl.....

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Steve said...


Commenting on the Motown educational event got me thinking about one of our longest lasting disk jockey's at WRVU. He may even still be there for all I know, Melvin (Mel B) Baughm.

Mel was the janitor for Neely Auditorium, and at the top of the "48 Steps to Glory" on the third floor of the south tower, WRVU.

He hung around and hung around, and finally Mike Anzek gave him a graveyard shift on Saturday afternoon. Mel B was not quite an accomplished announcer, even by our standards, but he did know his music. So Saturday after Saturday, Mel trudged up those steps with his personal record collection, exposing the Wrvu audience to the world of soul.

When I came back to school in 1981 to begin Divinity School, Mel was still doing his Saturday show, except it was now all Saturday afternoon, Mel was now a REALLY good announcer, and it was one of WRVU's favorite shows.

Like I said, he may still be there.
I guess he deserves to be in the new Vanderbilt Student Communications Hall of Fame as much as any student. He certainly changed things for the better.

Steve Womack