Thursday, September 11, 2008

But We Had Fun Anyway....

We've talked several times on this blog about the fact that the Class of 1973 did not get to enjoy its own Student Center. In fact, the Sarratt Center opened in the fall of 1973 just a few months after we graduated (May 25)and left campus.

We also didn't get to enjoy some of the other more modern and luxurious campus facilities of today, such as the Student Rec Center or The Commons on the Peabody Campus (now called the south campus, by the way), where all the freshmen students live.

But as you can see from the photos above, we always managed to find a way to amuse ourselves!

When the construction of the Sarratt Center closed off our major on-campus green space for recreation on Alumni Lawn, we used the fence itself to have some fun as these coeds outside their dorm (is that Tolman or Cole?) demonstrate.

I hope nobody pulled a muscle doing this for the photo. :)

From the other picture above you can see we also had a banner/ fence painting contest to perhaps allow some kind of creative outlet for our inability to use Alumni Lawn, as well as the frustration of having to walk all the way around the fence instead of cutting across the Lawn to get to class more quickly.

For obvious reasons, some of the more "creative" signs or slogans we used in those days about the situation we were enduring (i.e., "Pluck the Pence", etc.) are not included, living on only in our memories. So please feel free to share your thoughts and memories below.

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