Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Our Universal Language

Our Vanderbilt Centennial Class of 1973 was so large....we couldn't... and we didn't all know each other.

But one thing we did all have in common is the music of that era.

So to that end, and to seek suggestions from everyone reading this post so we can put together a special CD compilation to play at our 40th Reunion, what would you suggest we include? Please e-mail me and let me know your favorites from "back in the day" and we will preview some of the suggestions here.

Beth O'Shea has beaten us all to the punch....and has sent me a whole list of the hits she loved while she was at Vanderbilt. It includes the one above....SHE SHOT A HOLE IN MY SOUL by Nashville's Clifford Curry.  Written by Chuck Neese and Mac Gayden, and produced by Buzz Cason, the 1967 hit was recorded in Music City and rose as high as #45 on the R&B charts.  Issued by Elf Records and distributed by Bell Records, it was Curry's biggest hit and according to his biography on Wikipedia his success "spread to the Carolina beaches where the baritone became a prime showman for their musical events and a solid purveyor of Beach music, which is anything you can shag to (dance) and look cool doing it." In fact, Curry was inducted into the Beach Music Hall of Fame in 1995.

Since Curry lived (and still does) in Nashville, this photo (taken in Nashville's Centennial Park during a concert) makes me wonder if he ever played some dates at Vanderbilt (fraternity or sorority houses) nearby while we were in school? Anyone remember?

Whether he did or not, here's the song as requested by Beth. It's from an appearance he made on THE NASHVILLE NETWORK on May 15, 1986 with his introduction (and a brief interview that follows) by, of all people, Ralph Emery. Enjoy....

By the way, Clifford Curry has a web site about what's he's doing now. While it's look like it's under construction, here's the link if you want to check it out. ...

Finally, don't forget to send me your suggestions for the best of "our era" music for a compilation CD to play during our 40th Reunion Party (Friday, October 4). Otherwise, you'll just have listen to what Beth and I like (LOL).

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