Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Alumni Hall Changes Ahead

When you come back to campus for our 40th Class Reunion this fall (October 4-6), you'll find a beautifully renovated Alumni Hall to visit.

The building, which was used in our day for student government meetings and activities (Board of Presidents, USAB), Alumni & Development offices and student media (HUSTLER, COMMODORE YEARBOOK, VERSUS) was, in some ways our Student Center (although you had to go to Rand Hall or the Divinity School to get anything to eat).

You'll remember the The Sarratt Student Center was built during our junior and senior years (XXX The Fence) and didn't open until the fall AFTER we graduated. Not that anyone is still bitter or anything.

Now Alumni Hall is taking on bold new duties beginning this fall as the location of the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning.

Read more about it in this release just sent out by the University.....

The times continue to be  a changing on campus Bob Dylan sang back in the day. Now it's all about digital bites and on-line courses. In our day, remember all those punch cards you had to take to our massive Computer Center building on campus? And what if one of the holes you'd punched in your cards was wrong? What if you dropped the cards and got them out of order.

Well, you were mostly out of luck...and all to run a computer program that today wouldn't even compare with routine things we do all the time (just pushing the touch screen) on our smart phones or PCs. 

40 years does change a lot..... 

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