Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just In the Nick of Time...

It's Spring Break week at Vanderbilt!

Not surprisingly, it's kinda of quiet on campus as students and faculty are away, either taking some well-deserved R&R or participating in Alternative Spring Break.

That's a volunteer program to help others, which was not around for the Class of '73. But its something I think many of us would have enjoyed participating in (if we'd just had the idea first). :)

Actually the quiet on the Vanderbilt campus is a little deceiving, as one of the biggest stories of the year has broken, something that is sure to be the talk of the campus when everyone returns(rivaled only by the great success of Vandy's men's and women's basketball teams this season).

The selection of Nicholas S. Zeppos to be the eighth Chancellor of Vanderbilt University seems likely to get great marks all around as he moves from his stint as Interim Chancellor to take over the job permanently (effective March 1).

If I may speak for those of us in the Class of '73 who had the chance to meet, talk and listen to the new Chancellor speak during our Reunion Leadership Planning Weekend recently, he is a very engaged, knowledgable and entertaining fellow, and someone you can tell that loves Vanderbilt very deeply.

He's another reason, you need to start making your plans now to come to Nashville for our 35th Reunion the weekend of October 24-25,2008. So if you're planning to come, just sign in here and let us know!

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