Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break?

It's been that time of year again...time to go on Spring Break and get a little rest and relaxation.

I just returned from a week in South Florida, visiting relatives and seeing some spring training baseball.

It was great fun and the weather was wonderful!

Barry Banker of the VU Class of '73 has already raised the question on this blog about what is the "most exotic" place anyone has gone on spring break trip?

So where was it? Leave your reply below.

And what about while we were at Vanderbilt?

Where did we go in those days for Spring Break?


The Gulf Coast?

Out West?

Just happy to go home and get away from teachers and tests or maybe a terrible roommate for a week?

Again leave your post below and don't forget to start making your plans and contacting your former classmates to get ready for our big "fall break" trip October 24-25 for our 35th Class Reunion celebration back on the Vanderbilt campus in Nashville.

It may not turn out to be very "exotic", Barry, (although I'll bet some pretty strange, even exotic stories of campus days gone by will be told) and I am sure we'll have lots of fun!

So be there!

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Anonymous said...

Clearwater Florida was as exotic as I could afford then. My son's Cabo airfare cost more than my whole week spring break. Times have changed. So has Vandy-- all for the good. Be there for 35th Reunion. !!