Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Hurry Back Lives!

At the corner of Elliston Place and Louise Avenue, it was a Nashville landmark (and a haven for Vanderbilt students while we were on campus during the 1960s and 70s). And it's soon coming back (at least the name) as a part of new bar to be located at the same location.

THE NASHVILLE BUSINESS JOURNAL (March 11) has the scoop.....


This new development strikes a deep, personal chord for me. I worked at the old Hurry Back Market back in the day (thanks to Clark Thomas for the beautiful photo above). I was there every Saturday night for a couple of years while I was in high school (I attended the old Father Ryan just up the street on Elliston Place). I sacked all the beer, ice and groceries I could handle and we even sold the early edition of the SUNDAY TENNESSEAN. It showed up around 7 p.m. on Saturday nights. That was as high tech as we got in those days: the Sunday morning news on Saturday night!

I am also happy to hear they plan to re-install some walk-in freezers. It was my job a couple of times each shift to go back there to make sure the customers (mostly VU students) weren't stuffing their coats and pants pockets with beer, then walk out of the store and "forget" to pay.

Mr. John Rotier of Rotier's Restaurant was one of the Hurry Back owners and he gave me the job (he was a good friend of my Dad's). I am sure he would be pleased to see his old market so well remembered and that the new bar will pay "homage" to the Hurry Back in how the new owners will remodel the old building (which has been all manner of restaurants and even an ice cream parlor in the years since the original Hurry Back closed).

But one thing is for sure. Mr. Rotier was a Budweiser, Falstaff, PBR kind of guy. He wouldn't even recognize the names of the beers this new Hurry Back will sell. But that's how the world has changed (along with Nashville's ever emerging and nationally-acclaimed foodie scene). 

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Anonymous said...

My kids wonder why I call all convenience stores the Hurry Back. My secret is now public:). Beth O'Shea