Monday, March 17, 2014

He's Still In A V.U. "State Of Mind"

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones at Billy Joel's concert at the Bridgestone Area last Friday night (March 14) here in Nashville. After four decades in show business he still puts on one heck of a performance and he still has a voice as strong as ever.

But as for Joel himself, he was still remembering his last visit to Nashville in March, 2013. And, of course it has a Vanderbilt connection. It happened while he was answering questions from the audience during an appearance at Lankford Auditorium. Then came a question from a student named Michael Pollack and the rest was just magic.....

Joel told his Nashville audience at Bridgestone this time he wasn't taking any audience questions or allowing anyone to join him on-stage. Hey, who wants to be one-upped twice in Music City, right?

But heck I remember the first I ever saw Billy Joel in concert here in Nashville (he also remembers playing the Exit-In a few times back in the day). What I recall was when he was the "warm up" act for Olivia Newton John back in the mid-1970s down at Municipal Auditorium. My, how things have changed! Who evers remembers the warm-up act? But if you've ever seen Billy Joel, you'll never forget it!

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