Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where Old Kissam Once Stood

Have you wondered what it looks like inside those new residential halls being built on campus where the old Kissam Quadrangle once stood?

Here's a YouTube video Vanderbilt has just posted and I must say these new upper class living quarters (for sophomores, juniors and seniors) are very, very nice and are a great compliment to the freshman Commons built a few years ago on the back side of the Peabody campus...

Now it will be some months yet before these new dorms are in use. I am sure they will look a little different once the students (and the resident faculty members) move in and it's gets that "lived-in" look. But as compared to what we had back in the day in old Kissam or Branscomb or McGill or even the Towers, all I can say is : Get Jealous Early! These are very, very nice!

Of course, our room and board costs (and tuition) were a good bit lower back then, even if we (and/or our parents) thought it was expensive at the time.

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