Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Toughest Time Of Year


For the first time in my memory, Vanderbilt cancelled classes on Monday (January 6) due to the extreme cold and below zero wind chill temperatures in the area. I always thought coming back from Christmas break in January was the toughest time of year to be on campus. It was almost never white with a lot of snow on the ground, but was often wet with rain...and cold.

Sure, exams were over and second semester had begun, but you also knew you were in for a long haul of about two months until spring break arrived. Besides you sometimes felt like you'd forgotten almost everything you ever knew over the holidays anyway.

But in case you still remember at least a little, here are a few pictures from back in the day to help you recall. They are courtesy of our class photo genius, Clark Thomas and/or his COMMODORE staff.....

"Sure the girls (guys) are cute. But why didn't I get Mom to do this while I was at home?!!?


"Either one of us is in checkmate or this wacky weed is getting too strong."


"Downtown Nashville wasn't exactly the "It City" back in the day."
 "Oh Yeah, I did forget we had a quiz today!"
"No matter how tough it was in the fall on the gridiron, winter always brought some good ole SEC basketball to enjoy."
"And Smokey and Vandy baseball was never far away as winter slowly moved towards Spring."
"And there's was always Rotier's."
Stay warm and Go Vandy!


Steve Womack said...


I think it was Sophomore year (1970) when we had a really bad storm and zero degree temperatures. I remember getting out of my car one morning on my way to the radio station (class? What class?) and the disk jockey saying it was one solitary degree. Then he pondered what would be twice as cold as 0 degrees?

Classes for those few days were often canceled by the individual professors, but not the university.

I remember giving a rather attractive (brown eyed of course) young lady a ride home that day to her apartment off Belmont Blvd and the old Channel 4 (then channel 8) tower.


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