Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Class Already Knew It!

I can't stop thinking about it!

What a great Centennial Class 40th Reunion Party we had on Friday evening, October 5!

Even now I am still dreaming of those mini-Rotiers-inspired cheeseburgers we had to eat (and which seem to vanish very quckly from the food line) along with the Lum's based hot dogs, the Ireland's ham & biscuits, and on and on.

We all knew what great restaurants we had to frequent back in the day (the late 1960's and early '70s) when the VU Class of 1973 was on campus. But now, the whole world is learning.

Look who came to Rotier's just this week for lunch. It's Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers....

And McDonald is not alone. Just days after our party, who walked into Rotier's? How about NBC's LATE NIGHT (and soon to be THE TONIGHT SHOW new host) Jimmy Fallon! Is that cool or what?.....

It even made his Twitter feed! But even before word got around about our great party and food, TV and movie stars were coming into Rotier's. Even those who played roles from outer space (Mork) and a disc jockey from the days of the Vietnam War. One of the world's great comic talents, Robin Williams!.....

But of course, along with the food, the real highlight of our Reunuion weekend was seeing all our classmates who returned. To keep that great feeling going (and to make the rest of you didn't come a little jealous) I've been asked to keep this blog going. So I need your help and ideas, along with more song reccomendations of the greatest hits of our college era (and our universal link and language).

I'll try and put something up at least once a week. You just send im your memories and your song dedications....then come back and read....and enjoy!

Photo credits for this blog post: Rotier's Facebook Page. Thank you!

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