Thursday, May 9, 2013

40 Years Ago.....

 40 years ago this month this was us....the Centennial Class of Vanderbilt University going through our commencement exercises.

I know it sures makes me feel old to comprehend that fourty groups of graduating seniors have walked across that stage since we did. But what an opportunity! And how commencement has changed in some ways over the years.

First, ours was held on Curry Field (not Alumni Lawn where it is now). Memorial Gym is still the backup location as it was in 1973. But it's so hot in there with so many people crammed in and no air conditioning, let's hope the Class of 2013 doesn't need to go there either on their special day.

A couple of other changes....ours was held later in month on May 25 not May 10, and like almost everything else, it's gotten to be a much bigger event with festivities spread out over an entire week!

Here's a link to the Vanderbilt Commencement web page if you'd like to check it out....

One thing is sure for our class, 40 years later: our Vanderbilt degree has only gained in value over the last four decades. That's something we can all cherish and celebrate in October when we gather together on campus for our 40th Class Reunion to renew our friendships and look back on our remarkable time together in the late 1960s and early 70s.

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