Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's More Than Just The News...

The Vanderbilt TV News Archives is a wonderful resource.

Not only has it captured for research and history, all the significant news events of the past 40 years (as covered by the major TV networks), it also has a great collection of TV commercials mixed in with the broadcasts.

The Archives weren't designed to do that, but nevertheless you can literally track the changes in our culture and in our marketing by looking at these ads.

Here's the first installment of what will be several collections of TV ads we will feature here between now and Reunion weekend.

You will notice several interesting things about the ads, which were broadcast on September 21, 1970. Unlike today's evening newscasts which are filled with spots for prescription drugs, all of these are selling consumer products (deodorant, laundry detergent, flour and cake frosting) and notice the emergence of black actresses in a couple of the spots, something just beginning to happen in the late 1960s and early '70s. Also I am not sure the first ad (Secret) would be as well received by women today as it might have been when this spot was created.

Our class is part of the TV generation, born and raised glued to the tube. What do you remember about watching TV while you were at Vanderbilt? Too busy studying or hanging out? Did you even have a TV set in your room and if you did, what did you watch? Did you have any favorite shows? Your comments, as always, are welcome below.


Anonymous said...

does anybody remember watching reruns of "The Untouchables" at 12 midnight ?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, many of us who spent Freshman year in Mims used to watch the Untouchables every night in Chuck Kahn's room