Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Earth Day is another one of those national celebrations that got its start while we were at Vanderbilt (April 22, 1970, our freshman year).

Does anyone remember how Vanderbilt or we as students celebrated the first Earth Day? What, if anything happened on campus? Did we all just have another reason to skip class? Did we plant or hug a tree? Did we help Dr. Don Evans set up another of his "multi-media geodesic experiences" somewhere on campus? See the photo above that I think was taken in one of his classrooms.

Here's another Earth Day-related type news item I found looking through our Senior year annual--THE 1973 CENTENNIAL COMMODORE. Do you remember the recycling center set up on campus that year? If I ever knew it existed, I had sure forgotten about it. But there it is on Page 202, a photograph of someone working at the center and moving around what appears to be glass bottles.

Does anyone remember the recycling center? Where was it? Did you ever bring anything there to be recycled? Did any of us ever know what recycling was in those days or what should be recycled? Please leave your thoughts and memories below.

Now some things Vanderbilt tried to address while we were in school are still issues today. How about this story from the pages of THE HUSTLER:

April 10, 1973


By Zanese Brown

Vice Chancellor for Operations and Fiscal Planning George Kaludis has been selected to serve on a Commission to help solve Nashville's transportation problems. Kaludis said the Metro Mass Transit Committee is "putting things in place in Nashville before the crisis occurs."

Hmmm...well, we are not Los Angeles or Atlanta, but Nashville sure has its moments that can approach gridlock when it comes to traffic and parking. The University has built several high rise parking garages all around campus, but traffic and parking can still be a challenge here too.

Of course, that won't be the case Reunion Weekend. Join us October 24-25 and see if I am right :)

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